We manufacture responsibly – not because it is required but because it is the right thing to do.

By being selective in materials and rational and reasonable in production we seek to minimize environmental impact and maximize usability impact.


We want the belts to last for decades and not seasons. Real genuine high grade leather is almost impossible to wear out.

It should be possible to buy and consume less with better products. This is the mantra supporting our production and development of belts.

Vegetable tanned leather


The leather used for Bosswik’s products is vegetable tanned leather. This tanning process uses natural elements like bark, chestnut, and moss to extract tannins rather than heavy metal and unnecessary chemicals like in chrome tanning.

All of Bosswik’s affiliated tanneries take precaution and have the necessary installations to make sure that all waste water from the tanning process is subject to water treatment. None of this water is released directly into the nature affecting wild life.


By choosing to retain our production in Denmark, Bosswik comply with one of the world’s most strict codes of labour rights facilitating a premier welfare system. Setting the bar this high we strive to source and affect suppliers and partners to show the same level of care for the people involved in making Bosswik leather goods come to life. An example of improved working conditions is the fact that Bosswik uses water-based edge colouring rather than turpentine-based colouring, though the latter is more durable. However, it is not the best for the people applying the paint.


All leather comes from Western European cattle, primarily French cattle. The tanneries have great focus on animal welfare and only use farms that allow the cattle to live decent lives governed by European standards of animal welfare. The hides for the leather are a by-product of meat production to ensure that resources are used most responsibly and breeding is kept sustainable.


Electricity used at our factory is confined to renewable sources only. This is primarily a mix of solar power and wind power. Denmark is among the world’s leading actors when it comes to innovation and implementation of wind power.

Heating of our production facility is provided by solar district heating only a few hundred meters from the factory. It is one of the largest of its kind on the island of Funen.

The bigger picture

While all 17 Sustainable Development Goals are commendable, Bosswik as a small company focuses on 3 goals, where we can actually contribute constructively.

Goal 8 – Decent work and economical growth

As craftsmen it is not only about decency in work but also honour of the craft that drives a meaningful worklife.

Employees at Bosswik are of all ages and genders.

Since the production facility is based in Denmark, salaries reflect the status of a very high-income society. Even by these standards salaries sits well above industry minimum wages, which provide ample room for personal economic growth.


Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production

Our main responsibility is to make something that can last for many years.

It is slow fashion both in terms of style and in terms of longevity of the materials and construction.

If the product should fail its goal of longevity, we provide different means of repair for both retailers and consumers.

Goal 15 – Life on land

Using only European leather from Western European cattle Bosswik wants to protect terrestial ecosystems. This is a choice of supporting agriculture that refrain from deforestation.

 Vegetable tanned leather is biodegradable so it is possible to give ressources back to the land after a long lifecycle.