Private Label

At Bosswik we use our specialized skills, knowledge and production facility to help other brands deliver amazing leather belts and leather goods.

Bosswik’s access to premium Italian vegetable tanned leather will lay the foundation for superb quality along with masterful processing of one of the most exquisite natural materials.

We have 20+ active private label partnerships with many different configurations. Each partnership is unique but they have one thing in common: Crafted in Denmark.

Private label partnerships

Belts can be worn for many different occasions, blend in many different styles and serve very different purposes.

We craft belts for other brands for almost every conceivable use case – for the catwalk, for the high street, for the great outdoors and for utility.

All of the partnerships count numerous international brands that spread Danish craftsmanship to many corners of the world. Some brands use just under a thousand belts per year while others use tens of thousands of belts every year.

Bosswik provides numerous ways of private label solutions on belts and leather accessories. However you choose to do private label one thing is certain – you get your brand with Bosswik quality.

Here you will find some pointers that describe different possibilities in a private label partnership with Bosswik. In general you will find that flexibility is the one word that describes our private label solutions the best. Some of the parameters your brand will benefit from are:

  • Sparring – the success of the private label solution comes through collaboration between your design visions and our commercial and technical knowledge on belts and market insight on the product segment
  • Complete solution with stands, hangers, displays and everything else related to belts. We can take care of trim or handle your existing trim supplier
  • Get the most out of your branding – logo or other print on the belts, loops, buckles or wherever you wish
  • An agile production makes it possible to make quick iterations in design and getting all the details just right
  • Reliable efficient production and logistics allow for shorter delivery times