The craftsmanship of making leather belts is an old craft steeped in traditions passed down from generation to generation.


Danish craftsmanship

At Bosswik three generations of belt makers have refined and perfected the craft learning from Italian master artisans and applied Danish ingenuity to rationalize the processes.

It takes a very trained eye and skilled hands to identify the optimal layout of the large leather parts in order to ensure minimum waste and avoid irregularities in the leather like cuts, insect bites etc.

Machines handle the trivial processes with many repetitions and strict precision that can be automated and left on its own, so that craftsmen in the production can carry out valuable and unique processes – cater for the passion and apply the soul of these refined leather products.

Danish craftsmanship is the backbone of our DNA and the high grade leather reflects the meticulous approach to the craft, which embodies the passion and care to create something that will last for decades rather than seasons.

Design by craft

As craftsmen we design belts with the respect for the natural material that is leather. We refrain from using synthetic materials to catch a trend and rather reinforce the beauty and strength in natural genuine leather.

The aesthetics in vegetable tannd aniline dyed leather is timeless and powerful. It is the craftsman’s sincere duty to preserve and convey these aesthetics in a tangible and useful product.

Local production

Rather than relying on production capabilities on the other side of the world, we retain the production in-house at our facility in Denmark. This provides a unique control of everything that goes into making fine leather belts.

We can account for social conditions, environmental impact, material composition and quality assurance in regards to crafting our leather belts.

This is production with a conscience.

Combined with the longevity of the materials and the techniques in the craft we deliver belts that we are proud of.