Danish Production

We craft our belts in our own production facility in Denmark. Every year around 200,000 belts are crafted by skilled Danish hands and specialized machinery here.

This provides a unique flexibility and utmost control when making belts come to life.


With increasing demand for outstanding quality and genuine craftsmanship the annual production in our Danish facility has risen to 200,000 belts.

The production facility includes 120+ specialized machines for belt production such as tremendously powerful sewing machines, gluing machines, manual and automated punching machines, skiving machines, strap cutting machines and all other machines required to make a technically challenging belt on a large scale.

With the current setup annual capacity can be increased to 400,000 belts. However, that would require a significant addition in skilled hands but machinery and equipment is scaled for this capacity.


With our own production we retain the skills and know-how about our belts and the craftsmanship of making them come to life in-house.

This secures a high level of continuity and productional integrity for products that are typically produced several years on end.

At Bosswik we have craftsmen, who have been making belts for us for 10, 15 and even 20 years. This is a valued and treasured aspect of being beltmakers ourselves. This translates into all of our own belts and all of our private label partnerships.


Having the production in-house in Denmark allows us to act much faster. In developing new belts we are able to move from ideation to finished physical tangible sample within a matter of hours if materials and hardware allow it.

The flexibility is also valuable in bulk production as it allows for more accurate production quantities when operating with shorter lead times, which minimizes overproduction.

This is the foundation for producing more reasonable – both our own belts and the ones for private label partners.

Working conditions

The working conditions have to comply with one of the world’s most strict code of labour rights, which is fundemental in Danish industry.

This is the bare minimum but not nearly enough for Bosswik. The craftsmen of the production need to have more than just reasonable conditions. These are close colleagues, friends and good people.

As an example all edge coloring is water based colors, which is not the most durable solution but it is the best solution for the people applying the color.